Awareness Needed To Help Prevent Fentanyl Deaths

Posted on Saturday, April 29, 2017 11:25 AM

Concerns over the drug Fentanyl are growing across the country.

With the recent discovery of a pill with traces of Fentanyl was discovered on the Burnt Church First nation, drug users are being warned.

Recent reports say that almost a thousand people died of Fentanyl overdoses in Vancouver last year, and there is a growing concern that the problem could spread across the country to Atlantic Canada.

Randall Pirie is the Chaplain for Harvest House Atlantic.  He doesn't expect that we will see the drug as prominently here, because we have a smaller population, "People that are dealing it, are being very cautious because it could affect their livelihood.  They could be charged not only with dealing, but with murder.  Because of the smaller population, it would be easier to trace, if the dealers get identified.   The public awareness is also really helping here in the Maritimes.  I'm sure there are isolated pockets of it, but the people I talk to on the street, are scared."

Pirie says the trouble is sometimes, when a drug user is desperate for a fix...they'll take whatever is available, "It is a very dangerous drug.  It takes such a small amount, can kill you.  What we are seeing mostly is people who are overdosing are getting it and not knowing it.  And they say it is a hundred times more addictive that opiates."