Feds And Province Partner On Childcare And Early Learning Funding Of $71 Million Over Three Years

Posted on Wednesday, August 30, 2017 14:44 PM

The federal and provincial governments are spending $71 million over three years for improved child care in New Brunswick.

While in Moncton Wednesday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the federal contribution of almost $30 million.

"We will help transform at least 300 current childcare providers into designated Early Learning Centres across the province so that centres are sustainable, and able to provide consistent, high quality care," says Trudeau.

He adds 200 new infant and toddler spaces will also be created in Early Learning Centres, and fees will be lowered to increase affordability for almost 10,000 children, with priority given to low and middle income families.


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Trudeau adds the first time you leave your child at daycare can be difficult enough, and it can be hard watching your child grow up, "but that's all parents should be worried about on that first day of school, yet too many parents have a lot more on their minds, the stress about the cost or quality of care, about the kind of future their kids will have."

He goes on to say that's why his government in partnership with the provincial government is taking substantive steps to improve accessibility, affordability, quality, and availability of child care spaces in New Brunswick.

The Gallant government says the money will also be used to implement an inclusion policy for children facing diverse needs at designated NB Early Learning Centres, and to foster the vitality of Acadian and francophone communities through the development of guidelines for language acquisition and cultural identity.

As well, there will be increased professional learning opportunity for all early childhood educators.

The government expects at the end of the three year agreement, they will have built a high quality early learning and child care system that New Brunswick's families can rely on.