Pieces of Magnetic Hill's History Up For Auction

Posted on Thursday, April 20, 2017 14:11 PM

If you would like to purchase of piece of Moncton's history, you'll want to attend this month's auction at the Wharf Village Shoppes.

Around 30 years worth of items are up for auction.

If you have ever visited the Wharf Village Shoppes, the hundreds of items will probably look familiar.  You might even have a few photos, standing beside these items.

They include equipment from the restaurant, along with furniture, signs and even a giant moose.

Auctioneer Dan Woodfield, who is also known as Woody, will be the one recognizing your bids on April 29th.  He expects the auction will take most of the day, but if there are specific items you want, you may not have to be there all day, “One thing about our auctions is that our items are all catalogued, and numbered.  So if you are looking for item 200 for instance, you may not have to be there all day.  Most of the work is done prior to auction day.  Photos are taken, and numbered. The day the items are auctioned off, is actually the easy part.  We also have a live bidding system online.”

The auction begins at 10am, and a full list with item photos can be found on the Woody's Auction Facebook page.  

Be prepared to pay for your item, that day if you are the winning bidder, and depending on the item, you can make arrangements and will have a few days to pick it up.