New Crown Corporation For Legal Pot Unnecessary: CUPE Local 963

Posted on Monday, July 31, 2017 12:11 PM

The union that represents liquor store workers in New Brunswick is arguing there's no need to create a brand-new Crown corporation to sell legal marijuana, and it can be managed through ANBL.

The provincial committee looking into pot legalization has said that New Brunswick would be best served by a Crown corporation model and recommends a new one be created.

CUPE Local 963 president Jamie Agnew says the the New Brunswick Liquor Corporation already has an established executive, along with human resources and marketing departments, and the creation of a new Crown corporation would mean over half a million in salaries. Agnew says that he would see with NB Liquor possibly the addition of a vice-president of marijuana sales added.

He says they have vast experience with ID-ing people, intercepting intoxicated customers also he also talked about customer service.

"Since it's an age-restricted product we've dealt with this forever we have no problem asking if you look under 30 can we see your ID, please, we maintain that 8 to 10 percent ID check in our stores," says Agnew.

"We know what to look for in intoxicated people, so if they come in, we'll learn new rules,"

Agnew says they want to see some sort of outside dispensary, such as a small store front in an existing liquor store, but not inside the liquor store.