Forensic Specialists Present Evidence At Marissa Shephard Trial

Posted on Monday, March 12, 2018 15:53 PM

The Crown is presenting evidence from forensic specialists Monday in the first degree murder and arson trial of 22-year old Marissa Shephard.

Prosecutor Annie St. Jacques called several witnesses to the stand over the day, including RCMP Corporal Patrick Gould.

He was a forensic specialist assigned to search the triplex at 96 Sumac street, and took photos and gathered evidence.

Gould identified several photos showing the location and context in which pieces of evidence were seized.

Those ranged from a screwdriver with red stains on the tip, to a metal rod, to rubber dish gloves, and two box cutter knives.

Under cross examination by Defence lawyer Gilles Lemieux, Gould said while he did find fingerprints on two items, he can’t say whose because he’s not a declared fingerprinting expert.