Fredericton Co-Workers Win Big

Posted on Monday, March 20, 2017 14:39 PM

11 government workers in Fredericton are very happy campers because they won a million bucks.

The group known as  "Pay Day Luck Group" picked up their million dollars prize during a celebration at the Brookside Mall.

Each player gets almost $91 thousand.

They are current and former Service New Brunswick employees who put 5 dollars into a pot every pay day.

Gino Facini picks up the tickets every other Thursday buying a different combination of scratch tickets and this time, the third ticket was the charm.

Facini says people are already asking to join their group.

Jackie Sheppard is another member of the club and tells us it's the only time she was ever happy to come to work while on vacation.

She didn't believe a co-worker who called her with the news of the million dollar win.

Several members of the "Pay Day Luck Group" are eyeing new vehicles while one is planning to set up an education fund for his 10-week old baby.

They are also planning a party on the pontoon boat this summer.