On Air

Mark Downey - Morning Show / Program Director

Rise and Shine every weekday morning from 6-noon with Mark Downey on the Charlotte Morning Show. 

Mark will get your day started with local news, sports, weather updates and local community events, plus playing the best music.

For Birthdays, call  466-9810

Email Mark    [email protected]




Jessi Hatt - News & Public Affairs / Afternoon Announcer

Jessi will keep you entertained throughout your workday with all the best music -- and later on when the work is all done during the Charlotte Home Show.

Jessi will also keep you informed with the news happening around Charlotte County.

Do you have a News Tip?   Call Jessi on the News Tip Line at 466-2222

You can also email us...

[email protected]

[email protected]

Sara Burns - Announcer

Sara Burns ...... part-time announcer on 98.1 Charlotte FM.

Contact Sara at 466-9810



Lisa Cobham - Marketing Representative

Lisa Cobham

Maketing Represenative


[email protected]

Weekend Blowout with Ashley Greco

Tune in every Saturday night 8pm until midnight - for the Weekend Blowout with Ashley Greco!

Playing mixes and mash-ups of all the greatest hits, it's perfect for any party!